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Express Inspection App
Our smartphone and web app allows customers to self capture and upload inspection photos and videos. Learn more


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  • Faster cycle times
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INSTANTINSPECTION.COM - Streamlining the Inspection Process

Instant Inspection App is a one-stop, mobile-friendly website that enables customers, partners, and staff to share hi-definition pictures and videos.

Guided by text and visuals sent by the insurance rep, high resolution photos and video are shared via the customer’s smartphone camera.


Consumers Want Convenience. Policyholders are willing to perform basic claims tasks in order to hurry the process along. allows customers to report their claim and perform a guided photo inspection using the camera on their smartphone. also has the ability to connect the customer, appraiser, and body shop to streamline the FNOL and repair process.


Supplements & Re-Inspections Increase Cycle Times. Appraiser visits take valuable time, increase rental costs, and reduce overall customer satisfaction. allows shops to communicate with insurance representatives, providing them with photo and video evidence of additional damage or completed repairs.

  • works on 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Look and feel can be customized with your messaging, workflow and branding
  • For FNOL - A customer chats with insurance rep via interactive text-based chat app
  • All photos are date and time stamped; latitude/longitude stamped for location validation
  • In addition to photos, includes video for an unparalleled remote view
  • No IT support needed to get started

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